About Us...

As a Christian Fellowship we believe in the following principles and practice of Christian Faith:

The inerrancy of Holy Scriptures as originally given, and the entire Bible as being the inspired word of God and the sole authority and guide in spiritual matters of faith and rule of practice.

The triune nature of God as revealed to us in the Bible as God the Father, God the Son and God

the holy Spirit; the Father residing in heaven seeking reconciliation between Himself and sinful mankind, the Son having been sent into the world to die for our redemption and salvation, and the Holy Spirit sent as His appointed Advocate, to convey and confirm the same in our hearts, to convict of sin, to guide in truth and to equip for service through the giving of spiritual gifts, all those who place their faith in Messiah, Jesus the Son.

The morally lost condition of mankind, without exception, and the personal need of repentance for sin, and faith in Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, for pardon and salvation.

The Lords Supper and Believers Baptism as two appointed ordinances of the Church. The Lords Supper as a commemoration of Messiahs death, but not as being a sacrifice for sin, nor involving any change in substances of bread and wine. Believers Baptism, by full immersion, as an act of obedience, but not as conveying regenerating grace.

The resurrection of Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ, from the dead, His ascension into heaven as our mediator and Great High Priest, and His second coming, His personal, visible return in glory, to receive the members of the Body unto Himself, and His coming to judge the whole of the human race for the things done in the body.

The essential need of sanctification in Messiah effected through the Holy Spirit, for a mature, consistent, and fruitful Christian life.

The eternal blessedness of those who are saved. The eternal punishment of those who are lost.